Image of LNFG + Reckless Yes joint label membership

LNFG + Reckless Yes joint label membership

£100.00 — Sold out

We’ve teamed up with Last Night From Glasgow to bring you a combined membership offer so you can get all the 2020 releases from both labels at a lower price than if you joined us separately, or purchased each release individually.

LNFG are planning their biggest year yet and for a reduced price you can make sure you get your hands on everything from their brilliant roster of artists as well as everything from ours.

What do you get?

Everything released by both labels in 2020 - currently this looks like around 11 albums (at least 10 of which are planned for vinyl releases), and the same again in EPs (with some of these planned as vinyl releases too), and then more digital singles than you'll know what to do with.

Our joint membership includes:

- all Reckless Yes 2020 releases - currently at least 5 albums, 5 EPs plus loads of singles
- all Last Night From Glasgow 2020 releases - currently at least 7 albums, 6 EPs plus loads of singles
- one flat postage fee covers you for the whole year
- get releases sooner and much cheaper than buying individually on release
- vinyl members get the most limited / exclusive colour vinyl
- where the physical edition is a CD you'll get this
- a lossless digital version of ALL 2020 releases from both labels
- member exclusive editions of some releases
- discounts on back catalogue
- discounts on Reckless Yes merch
- private members group to get all the latest news and access to our releases
- welcome pack with free gift - currently at least 3 LPs, plus bonus bits
- and the knowledge you're directly supporting independent artists.

Your membership covers all releases from both labels from 1 January - 31 December 2020

How much does it cost?

Our joint membership is £100 plus a one-off flat postage fee for everything we send you during the year.

If you were to buy everything both labels release on vinyl and CD in 2020 individually it would cost you at least £260 (based on current schedules) so membership saves you a big wodge of cash, while being a way to discover new artists and support independent musicians.

Already a member of Last Night From Glasgow?

Contact them to add Reckless Yes membership on at a discounted price. You'll only pay one postage fee even where you are a member of both labels.

Buying as a gift?

Buy through the checkout with your billing and shipping details and we'll send out a membership card which has info on how to transfer over to a new person so they receive the records throughout the year! You can contact us at any time if you're not sure of anything.