About us

Reckless Yes is an ethical and independent record label, home to Bugeye, Captain Handsome, Chorusgirl, Duck, Eilis Frawley, Fightmilk, GodNo!, Grawl!x, Japan Review, LIINES, Mark Morriss, Mighty Kids, Nervous Twitch, Order of the Toad, Panic Pocket, and Turkish Delight. 

We're committed to supporting the best artists around and helping them to release music in a way which is fair to them financially and creatively while giving them all the opportunities of a traditional label. 

We couldn't do this without our members - and this is where you come in. Our subscriptions help us offset the costs of our releases meaning our artists benefit financially from sales sooner and at a higher rate than in traditional deals, and we're able to help them scale and create new opportunities. This has never been more important than in current times. 

Run by music journalist Sarah Lay and musician Pete Darrington the label is focused on working collaboratively with artists, and creating great experiences for musicians and music fans. 

You can find out more about us on our website, and to buy music from our back catalogue visit our main online store.  

We'd love to welcome you as a member for 2021, or help you provide a membership as a gift to someone else. If you have any questions please do get in touch